Rose Hill Mansion is a beautiful place and today I got to go there and see some blacksmith men which made me feel like I was in the 1800's or something. The weather here puts me in a good mood. I got a chance to go running and I fell and skinned my knee and my ipod doesn't work now... but I also did my laundry so I am lucky to have clean sheets and jeans that fit! I liked these images, I thought they were a little different... the dragonfly is just because I like shooting with my 50. Have a good day.


whisperingangel said...

Hi, my name is Karen J Wassmer, Artist in Connecticut. Your site was right after mine. You know, up at the top where it says "next blog" or something like that. I really admire your photography, and espically the forged leaves. I am a welder, forger myself, and love these leaves.
Please take care and have a beautiful summer. Are you near Twin Lakes? If you are there is a woman who opened a gallery there from Durango, CO reciently.

Jesse said...

I see Brie in the window in the last photo!