I rarely post more than a handful of photos but I haven't posted in such a long time that I decided to post a bunch. I recently went with a friend from high school to Singapore to see another friend from high school who lives there with her husband and daughter. Although I don't get to travel much, I love to do it so I took advantage of the trip and brought my camera around everywhere with me... but I guess I do that anyway! We had a lot of fun exploring lots of local culture as well as some touristy things (going in a cage of live bats at the night safari!!!) It was a blast and something that I will never forget. Although I love going away, it is always good to come home to familiar places and faces. xoxo


Joli said...

First to comment. Must be a devoted fan! Love them. Especially the woman in the doorway and the man on the bike. Looks like a vibrant place!

Chantal said...

waiting and waiting for these beautiful photos...and they are!

Doug Plucknette said...

Bri - I have to say Singapore is one of my favorite cities in the world. Such a mix of cultures, so busy, clean and safe.

Did you get a chance to go the garment district?

I love your comments at the bottom, this is what I was talking about before in making your site significant. Now you need to make sure to use your key words in the paragraph and link them back to your photo site.

Regardless of the business side they are wonderful photos and I hope you guys had a load of fun!

Doug Plucknette said...

I wrote a long wonderful comment but stupid google made me jump through password hoops until it was lost! UGGH!

At any rate - beautiful photos of one of my favorite cities in the world, the melting pot of Asia, large, clean, beautiful and quite safe.

Love your paragraph at the end, come over and learn how to turn that in to more clicks on your business site and your blog.