so, today was my day off...and I went to the BINGO hall to begin my project. and to Old navy and I spent money I should not have spent. also, I met some new friends that live below me I went down and had a few beers with them and it was good to make friends and talk- nick is 20 and has a 2.5 yr old kid, Zach is 20 and is home from school for the summer and the other kid, I forget his name, is 20 and works on a potatoe farm. They like to play their music loud and maybe I should not have said I didn't mind but whatever... they are young and so am I, I guess I can stand a little noise- eventhough the floor is shaking. today was a good day, eventful despite the fact that I was all alone... and the BINGO hall was sweet, I was actually going to play with my new friends that I made. Emily and Mike and Dorthy. I am meeting them there on Tuesday and Mike is going to show me the rules of BINGO. It should be helpful and maybe I will win the pot!!! But I am going to go do some shit before bed, I have to work tomorrow. see you.

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