today 07.27.07

I tried to make a blog before but I didnt like the service I used. Maybe this one will be better. I had a good day today, I photographed a golf tournament and then a really cool guy who started his own business where he shops for people who can't drive. It was called bald monkey groceries or something like that. This guy was really cool, someone I could have hung out with for fun. I like assignments like that because then its not really like work at all and I can be free. Then Cathy took me out for dinner and we had a pitcher and talked about religion and the 60's. It was a fun time shes defintiely had a sweet life. And, tomorrow I have off and I plan on spending the whole day at the pool if its nice. I think tonight I might buy some yarn to make a blanket or something. I wish I knew how to do patterns. I am to ADD to follow a pattern, I like to throw things together. Next week at this time I will be driving back to Rochester to see my Juan and to get my car and to hang out with gram. I don't know if I will be able to wait 7 days. I miss home so much but this place is truely growing on me. Every day this week has gotten better and better and soon I might love it here ((maybe)). Kate and I went out Wednesday and had a lot of fun and I have made a few friends. MI isn't so bad, change is hard sometimes though.

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